Friday, May 29, 2009

A Typical Day

After calling myself an artist of some sort for the last 14 or so years, I have come to the conclusion there is no typical day in the life of an artist.

I know that to live and prosper as an artist one must do more than create. One must learn. One must learn how to create. And then one must learn how to deal with the artwork that piles up. I know there are (at least) two solutions. Create more storage space. Market. It is far easier to create more storage space. I now have to buy books to learn how to market my work. I now have a book on "Social Media". Good God what is that? So my typical artist day begins with attempting to read this book.

My husband says it is a good book. I proclaim it dry. I know I must suffer through this. Will I have to twitter now? Art + Twitter = ? Isn't this like oil and water?

Then the piano tuner comes to work on the out-of-tune piano. The dog doesn't like it. So now I have to be creative with a piano tuner and a barking dog for a couple of hours. It is hard to be creative when I am grinding my teeth in irritation.

The good news for being creative is . . . . I have more room to create. My sewing machine is in the shop and that frees up room on my worktable.

The table is quickly covered. That must mean I'm being creative. Ideas are forming. Perhaps I should go back to that house shape I was using a year or so ago. So far, so good. Things would go a bit easier if I didn't have to go down two flights of stairs and climb over the piano tuner and his equipment to wash my brush every time I stamped a fabric. But it does give me a chance to console the dog who is whimpering in his crate.

Soon it is time for lunch. There is nothing to eat. Good excuse to go and get a milkshake. That'll be good for me. And while I'm out I might as well . . .

- cruise Ann Taylor Loft
- check Target for kids clothes
- drive by that house with the big rhododendrons

Soon (ha) it is back to the studio. I paint some more fabric. I watch it dry. It dries. I paint some more fabric. I do something else while it dries. I am feeling a circle coming on. A red circle. Hmmmm, could this be leading anywhere? I guess I can only get so far with this, being unable to actually sew anything together.

You know, I have not watered the porch plants for a while. I really need to do that while I'm thinging about it. And fill the birdbath. And remove those pesky weeds. And now that I'm back in the house, I should check for phone messages. Except that the phone is dead. I don't know why. I guess I should have this problem solved.

Actually, seems to be to be a pretty typical day. Except for when the new Modern Craft Museum called and wanted me to do a solo show. Oh, wait. That was a daydream. Well, back to typical.

Now, off to blog surfing.


paula said...

you are so right, there is no typical day. and one is working even if to someone else they are watering plants :)
hope your machine is all well again and not making threatening sounds.
gotta be ready for the museum right?

ArtPropelled said...

"It is hard to be creative when I'm grinding my teeth in irritation"....I know this feeling! A housewife and mother trying to be an artist can be frustrating at times. It's all the little things (like waiting for the piano tuner) that are so disruptive. No big deal but lots of little things that disrupt the flow.