Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Girl

Good Girl, 8 x 8" ©2011 Kim Hambric

Once upon a time, I strived to be a good girl.  This has nothing to do with making out behind the school cafeteria.  I'm talking about always wanted to fit in, looked pleased, not make a fuss .  .  .  to act like the good girl.

What a waste of time.

I'm certainly not encouraging badness.  Far from it.  But the constant effort to be constantly correct is exhausting.  And I'm through with it (maybe, hopefully).

This is a messy, swirly do what I want piece.  And I really love what one can do with those bar codes that are on every durn magazine insert.

This piece is available on Etsy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Far South

Far South, 8 x 8", ©2011 Kim Hambric

A bit of a departure for me.

New and improved(?) darkness?

20% more black.

I'm not sure where I was going with this piece.  Was I talking about those killer bees from Mexico?  Is this a primer on bees?  Was the whole thing just an excuse to use this cool map?  Looking at it now reminds me to go out into the garden and watch the bees before they are gone for the winter.

This piece is on Etsy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Vestige, 5 x 5" ©2011 Kim Hambric

This piece has been hanging around the studio for quite awhile, unnamed.  I do procrastinate.

What name could I assign to this piece?  It was done in the memory of my mother and my grandmothers and their homes.  All three women were, of course, dear to my heart.  Sounds a bit corny when I write it down.  I still get to visit my childhood home every couple of months.  The houses of my grandmothers', while still standing, are long ago memories to me.  Powerful memories.  Ask me about my childhood, and within seconds I'll be talking about one grandmother's home or the other.

Upon looking at this piece, months after its completion, I titled it Vestige.  A trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.  Every so often I lie in bed, walking from room to room in my mind, trying to recall the placement of furniture, paintings, and doodads.  I attempt to mentally conjure up smells and sounds.  Some memories are lost.  The ones that remain I will struggle to hold on to for the rest of my life.   Even though these memories bring tears to my eyes, they also bring great comfort.

This piece just sold from my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is a word I use frequently.

Maybe, 6 x 6"  ©2011 Kim Hambric
Other frequently used words:  I don't know.

I starting making these collages late last year, after my mother's decline.

Knowing (somewhat vaguely at the time) my mother's condition, I suddenly felt I had no patience for fabric.  I didn't want to locate fabric that suited my needs.  I didn't want to sketch and cut and sew.  I wanted immediate results.  I realized that I no longer had all the time in the world to get done what I wanted to get done.

Not that I've gotten much done over the past several months.

I still do not know where I am going in my art.  I don't know if I will stay with collage.  I do feel that there's so much more to explore with collage, though.  So I'm sticking with it for now.  I'm having fun and I think I'm managing to get out some frustrations and unfinished thoughts.

I've made loads of these collages.  I would say that I've got another 30 or so that are completed.  A couple others are in the works.

I have no intention of framing any of these.  I think they need to stand on their own.  The art runs up to the edge and gives the impression of running over.  To me, to frame them would be to tame them.  Or kill them.  And no, I'm not just being cheap.  This is what I feel like now -- unfinished and on the edge.  I guess my artwork is reflecting that.

I'm not doing what all the other artists seem to be doing:  setting goals, marking achievements, reaching buyers and galleries far and wide.  I'm holed up in my studio, painting, cutting, gluing.  Perhaps it's enough for me right now.

Perhaps not.


I don't know.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Edge of Town

Edge of Town, 8 x 8" ©2011 Kim Hambric

It's a little dark and sketchy at the edge of town.

This piece now on Etsy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Boxes Full of Inspiration

When my creativity is slumped in the corner like something that's been shot, I just head to my boxes of papers . . .

Pre-painted and stamped papers and vintage book pages.

Stamped tissue papers -- almost transparent when glued.

Words!  Words!  Words!  I'm thinking about soliciting envelopes of words from my readers.
Anyone interested?

. . . and carry selected bits and pieces to my work table . . .

The drafting table where I do most of my work.

One of the foamboard sheets I use to test stamps and protect my table.
No, Hilton Hotels, you are not getting your door key back.

and hopefully, something soon comes of it.

Particularly Beautiful, 6 x 6", ©2011 Kim Hambric

This piece now on Etsy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm going to be adding some of my older wallhangings on Etsy. Some (like this one) will be on SALE.

Hide, 27 x 24" ©2007 Kim Hambric

She has graced my wall for many years, now, it is time for her to move on.  Have a closer look on Etsy.