Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

We spent our summer months back in State College, PA, so my husband could be close to work for eight weeks and we could (hopefully) escape the worst of the heat in Charleston, SC.

I'm assuming that when people ask how I spent my summer that they really want to know the answer.

Often I guess wrong.  I'm just a little surprised that those folks that asked didn't want to know that I spent my summer days in my attic studio battling wasps and painting little squares.

I shipped up a small box of acrylic paints, plastic hotel room keys, and piles of 4x4" and 5x5" gesso boards.

Paint was slapped on each little square with the plastic cards.  Areas were taped off and more paint was slapped on.  The paint was allowed to dry for a couple of days, then the pieces were stacked and room was made for more squares to be painted.

After being stacked for a few days, I went back to play with my squares by changing colors or adding more color or whiting things out.  I noticed that some of the squares had stuck to the others.  Lo and behold, I had discovered the rustic look I had tried to achieve in the past.

Now, I shall spend the rest of the summer and autumn figuring out what to do with these squares.  While I am looking forward to finishing these pieces, I would be happy just playing with color and paint for the next year or so.