Friday, May 8, 2009

True Colors

Planting Seeds IV 15 x 15"

For those who have been following my artwork and blog for a while, do you know what my true colors are?

My last post showed two pieces that I am in the process of completing. One reader commented that they remind her of autumn and pumpkin pie. I suppose one could say they look rather Halloweenish. I would say that. Halloween is way up near the top on my favorite holiday scale. I don’t know if my work resembles Halloween because I love the holiday, or if I love Halloween because I love the colors associated with it.

I would say that these are my true colors.

Not that I don’t like other colors. There are few colors that I dislike. Perhaps salmon, and wimpy yellows. Eeeww. The stronger a color, the more I’m going to like it.

It has been said, by many, that one should create from one’s environment. So, if one lives in Seattle, I imagine that they would be encouraged to use green and gray. Santa Fe? Orange, red, ochre, blue. Central Pennsylvania? Gray, brown, dirty blues, murky greens.

Physically, I live in central Pennsylvania. Emotionally, I live far, far away. My emotional country is full of heat and sun and rhythmic music. People laugh and sing. Vivid animals scurry and play. In my country orange is everywhere. Orange sun, orange flowers, orange birds.

I secretly long to drive an orange car.

Aside from my dependable jeans, my closet is filled with brown, black and orange.

I do create in other colors. I was asked by a gallery owner several years ago to keep bringing in work with blues, pinks and purples. They sold well. They still do. I do love those colors. They just don’t speak to me.

What are your true colors? What colors do you consistently create with and live with?

This week's Ebay auction, Baroque Artichoke II. See, I do work in other colors.


paula said...

funny, i'm afraid of orange in my art for those halloweenish comparisons. (my first car was a chevelle malibu, orange with a black top and i loved it to pieces)
anyhow. when i think of kim's colors i also think of that turquoise and reddish colors you use. they appeal to me the most.

they say we are attracted to the season that we were born in...i'm autumn which is why i like the death season as opposed to spring. and i like the rust and composted earth. were you born in summer or are you going to disprove that theory :)

Kim Hambric said...

I was born in July.

I love the American flag for what it stands for. I do NOT like that color combination, though.

Autumn is my favorite season.

Jean Baardsen said...

My favorite colors are purple, blue, burgundy, green - lots of different greens, yellow, and red. I like strong colors. My least favorites - though I sometimes use them - are pink and orange. When I see pastels, I think, Why bother?? I love nature's strong colors, as well as copper, silver and other metallics. It's hard to find a "car of color" these days - don't know if I've ever seen an orange one! I once had a bright yellow Pinto named Daisy.
I don't know if I can leave a link in a comment, but I did make a quilt with your colors - and named it Sweet Potato Quilt.
I love the colors of the Caribbean. Actually, I think all of us who work with fabric are having a love affair with color. What could be better?

jason said...

I just love the hand detail in there!

Kim Hambric said...

Jean, I do love the colors in that sweet potato quilt. As a child, I detested sweet potatoes. I always wanted to like them, because they were so pretty.

Jason, I have not gotten over the hand thing. I have some new pieces coming out very soon with hands. I associate hands with giving.

ArtPropelled said...

Another beautiful piece. I love your colour combinations.

I keep going back to earth colours with black and white.... The colours of Africa.