Monday, May 18, 2009

More of the Same?!?

I am still working under the same theme, but for these two, I have omitted orange. I have surfed some blogs lately and read art magazines and am surprised at the number of times I have read that people hate orange. How terrible. That's just being, uh, colorist. I guess that is not quite as bad as being racist or sexist. But I implore you to broaden your views on color. Just give orange a chance. To show support for the color, this afternoon my daughter and I are going to plant some orange pansies. I hope they do not succumb to the possible frost tonight. Jeez, mid-May and I have to hustle some plants into the garage.

These two as of yet unfinished pieces will be "Medicine Man" and "Wise Women". I still have to sew these pieces together, then quilt and add the add-ons. My add on buffet for these two pieces are shown below. The dark figures actually have brown patterns stamped onto them. Hard to see here.

This week's Ebay auction piece is: Sweet Sounds of Birds III.

See, no orange here!


julie king said...

hi, kim! thanks for visiting my blog. i'm so glad to have found you and your blog!

first, let's just get it right out into the open: i love orange!!!!!! it is my fave color in my home decor and it is featured quite prominently in my art.

your pieces are just delightful!! i'm off to read more posts and check out your etsy shop!!~

noodle and lou said...

oooh I love your work Kim!
So happy to see your etsy shop and all the lovely things there!
The New Orleans Creole Garden quilt is my favorite I think:) I love the black and white of course:) Just beautiful!

ArtPropelled said...

There's orange and there's orange. The orange and the colour combinations you use are glorious!I love rust and have to hold myself back from overusing it. You should see my living room!