Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fear and Sorrow

Blech. It is one of those days.

Actually, it started yesterday afternoon. I am almost finished with the Wise Women piece. All I have to do is satin stitch around the last shape and add a dozen or so beads. Two hours work at the most. Maybe far less. But, no . . .

I kept hearing funny noises from my machine, then the thread would get hung up. I cleaned out the feed dogs and the bobbin race. Tried again. Same problem. I changed needles, cleaned again and rethreaded everything. Same problem. I changed bobbins and scraped out the inside of the bobbin case. Then I rethreaded everything and left the studio until this morning.

While talking to my mom early this morning, I see a bird fly into the back door. Poor birds chirps and flails a bit then is still. I wait, hoping it will fly off. I go to the studio. Same problem with machine. Now I am scared of the darn machine. It always scares me when the thread or needles breaks & it takes me a bit of time to trust the machine again. I'm finally terrified to approach the thing. There's only one thing left to do . . .

Bury the bird. When I picked it up, I could tell its neck was broken. And what if it is a mama bird with babies in a nest?

And its raining again.

I guess I will have to approach the machine one more time. I'm sure it won't kill me. If I don't post again, you will know what happened. I just wanted to get this piece done!!!!! I have nothing else I'm working on, so I could deal with it being in the shop for a bit. Couldn't it have gone just a few more inches before breaking down?!?

Wish me luck with the darn thing. And send some peace for the little bird.


Dolores said...

Poor little birdie. I do hope it wasn't a momma bird. Have you thought of maybe getting a back-up machine? I don't know what I would do it I didn't have my machine. When it goes to get it's "lube, oil, and filter," I make sure I have some other machine set up. Don't ask how many I have.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I send you luck with the machine...I too get upset with machine revolts. Not an easy day for you yesterday...hope today is better and thanks for the visit.

Elizabeth said...

I thought I was the only one who regarded her sewing machine as if it was a barely (and badly) trained horse! And all I have is an old 50s Singer with really lame-brain mechanics.

So sad when the birds crash into our windows.