Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Favorite Things

The long weekend is over. We must all get back to work now. This is why I'm blog surfing long after I should have gone into the studio. I've done all I can do on Facebook. But first, I must tell my readers important stuff on my blog.

The good new is, in about two hours, I will have Medicine Man completed. I'm hoping to have it photographed and posted in a day or two. The bad news is, until then, I will just have to tell you more things about me that I've probably already revealed before.

Thanks for your comments on my last post. I'm however, proud to be a square. I guess I have labeled myself and that probably is a bad thing. I'm just attracted to squares. Squares of all kinds.

Put three men in a room. One of them is built, bearded and has a motorcycle helmet under his arm. The next one has just climbed out of a swimming pool after an Olympic event and is wearing a gold medal. The third is wearing a plaid shirt with a pocket protector. It's going to be man #3 for me.

If there are several books on a table, I'm going to reach for the square one first. I always want to buy the square greeting card (until I realize extra postage is required). I like square windows, square houses, square boxes.

And just a bit more filler until I can come up with a more profound post . . .

My favorite things:

Squares (duh)
Good dogs
Pencils and paper (although I can’t seem to get them together often enough)
Cute little houses
Kids’ artwork

This week's Ebay auction is Gingko in Amber.

Is everyone out there being productive today?


Jean Baardsen said...

I got a haircut this morning, then went to an art supply store and bought painting knives, which I want to try. Now I'm spending time blogging and facebooking rather than getting too my art. All too typical! Soon it will be time to eat lunch....

paula said...

you know i like them circles for myself...but i like looking at your squares. you do great things with them :)
good luck on the auction!
i like your list of favorite things...chickens? whats up with that?

Kim Hambric said...

Jean, hope we all get to see what you do with those painting knives. Art tools are great. I've got some little paint spray bottles I've been looking forward to trying.

Paula, I like circles, too. I like them over top of squares. But there's something about a circle on its own that disturbs me somehow. And chickens. I love chickens. I like the way they move and the way they talk. I've always loved odd shaped animals, such as llamas. Don't really know why.