Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Studio


Much smaller, indeed, than my Pennsylvania studio.  And I must say sorry to my guests who won't be able to stay in this room when visiting.  Note the palmetto tree outside of my window in the top photo.  Love it!  I've seen squirrels in it gathering fibrous bits and pieces to build their nests.  Note, also, kitty cat.  While many, many repairs were made to the house, she was hidden away in this room and lived in the cupboard for several days.  It is a bright and warm room and is now her favorite.  I will have to work hard to keep cat hairs out of my work.

Since these photos were taken, we have hung up most of my larger pieces.  It is so wonderful to have vertical walls!

Now it is time, finally, to go into the studio and make a hell of a mess.