Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Mess

So, I'm still playing around with paint, paper and glue.  Still buzzing around like a hummingbird reluctant to land on anything.

 I began this piece by splotching some black paint around the edges.  Ochre then called out to me.  A map of Mexico City followed and then bees and letters and stamps.  And then more and more and more, until I think there is just too much.  Fun, though.  And dark.  Because I am a dark person.

This piece came about as a result of an accident.  On a previous piece, I had glued down a piece of black paper.  Seconds later, I wanted to move it.  Some of the paper remained behind.  I quickly reapplied the piece in the same spot as before, but I could not get the streaky, peely paper look out of my head.  I decided to design a piece where paper would be randomly glued down and ripped off before it dried in place.  Then I went on to stamp and scrumble and paint and glue and stick more more more until I think there could be a little much.  Or maybe its just right.  Or maybe it thoroughly sucks.

The point now, for me anyway, is to keep seeing how many or how few mistakes I can make while moving quickly and intuitively.  Hubby asks how much these pieces are and when we should put them on Etsy.  I'm trying to tell him that the point now is just to make something.  Anything.   What I want.  Not what I think will sell.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Favorite and Best

My all time favorite art and design books.

More of my favorite books.

The best art tool ever purchased.  I love my fabric and beads, but these guys have taken me over.  They are the most expensive art tool I have ever purchased, but they are worth it.

The best technique I have ever learned -- carving my own stamps.  I have hundreds now.  I love them all.  I even love the way they smell!

My all-time favorite and best art tools.  That's a chopstick in the middle -- very handy (much like the hand).

What are your favorite and best?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Chance to Give Someone a Chance

The talented Paula is holding an art raffle.

Click here to see how you can win The Wonder Horse or her Wall Dancers piece.

I'm angling for one of these pieces myself, but in order to help Paula move into a studio in an area where people actually appreciate art, I'll lessen my chances. Go have a look!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

If I never return to this blog, you will know that it was Yoga that did me in.

I have my first class this morning.  I'm a little afraid.

A couple of months ago, I had a little Wii Fitness injury.  I don't take to stretching or movement well.  I really don't want to land on the sofa again with a swollen ankle propped up on a couple of pillows.  Or worse.

This could be the end.

Wish me luck.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Back from . . .

Barcelona!  Give me 5 minutes (maybe an hour) and I'll be ready to go back again.

A portion of the city from way up high

One of the old town's wider streets
Boats and Barcelonetta
One of many Gaudi-designed buildings.  This one is across the street from our hotel.
Catalonians dancing.  Plenty of little squares like this one.
One of Gaudi's most famous buildings.  Plenty of others, though.
One of about 50,000 stunning buildings.
As you can see, Barcelona is chock full of beautiful architecture.  For every plastic Walmart bag flapping in a tree or blowing down a road in the United States, there is a beautiful building in Barcelona.

About a year ago, I was "complaining" that the only vacations we took were when my husband had a conference somewhere.  I don't go go all of the conferences, though.  I'm somewhat afraid to go to Asia and have to go places alone while the hubby is working.  I missed the Dearborn, MI, conference a while back.  I've put my foot down on a few other locations for various reasons, mostly lack of interest.  Then I stated that I wanted to pick a place, by golly.  So I picked Barcelona.  I did good.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Productive Chaos?

Why should I stop to clean when there is still a square foot of space in which to create?

There it is, in the bottom photo there, a square foot of open space.  But not for long.

Sorry I didn't photograph the overflowing trashcans or the floor littered with bits and pieces. 

I'm having too much fun to clean!