Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Room

Blue Room, 6 x 6" ©2011 K. Hambric

Another collage placed on Etsy this morning.

To me -- a little dark, a little mysterious.  This piece represents my fear of depression -- of going into the blue room.

I guess many of you have noticed by now that this isn't one of those happy, bubbly blogs.  I just can't do that.  Not with that fear of the blue room deep inside of me.

But, hey, if it is a happy piece for you, that's great!

I love that tree stamp. I really didn't want to have to carve one, I thought I could find an easy way out.  For quite a while I searched Ebay, Etsy, office supply shops and online stores for those good, old-fashioned rub on architectural symbols.  Apparently, those things just don't exist anymore.  Also, I dream of finding a stash of Letraset rub on letters and numbers in all sizes.  Really.  I dream of it.  If anyone out there knows where I can get my hands on these things, PLEASE let me know. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Believe it (or not)

A new piece!  On Etsy.

Hourly Wage, 6 x 6", mixed media collage on board

It only took, what, 8 months!?!

This was one of three pieces I sent in to Seth Apter for his forthcoming book.  Originally, all three pieces were rejected (and I was quite dejected), but in the end, one was accepted.

I'm really enjoying the collage process.  I do like glue.  And paint.   The process is messy, but still somewhat precise.  We all know that I cannot veer far from right angles.

I made this piece several months ago, and have experimented with an even looser style since, which I may explore even more.

Stay tuned, something else might appear here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Thanks to those of you who read my latest griping session and actually commented.  You've all made me feel better.

I will be sharing a few new pieces next week.  Perhaps actually putting a few up for sale on Etsy.  I'm waiting for some hangers to come in the mail to complete them.
For a recent car trip, I pulled out some older magazines from my large shelter magazine stash.  On the cover of an issue of Western Interiors Magazine, was a fantastic (to me) abstract painting.  Quite large, painted possibly with a brayer or large, rigid plastic tool (yeah, that sounds nasty).  After my trip, I rushed to the studio, found small pieces of gesso board and a couple of old credit cards and went to work with my limited paint colors.

I've made several mistakes.  Some mistakes I've repeated several times.  But now, even though my paintings look nothing like the piece on the magazine cover (wouldn't that artist be a tad angry?!?), I've come to the point where I actually like the results.  And, of course, I'm sticking bits of paper and other collage elements onto these pieces.

So, I've been avoiding Etsy.  I've been avoiding my blog.  I've been avoiding even talking to other people about what I'm doing (yeah, I'll talk to myself about it).

But I know I hear those other people talking.  I hear bits of conversation in my head. 

How can she say "I'm working" when she has nothing new to sell?  

She's only playing.

She should really go out and get a job.

I think the attic heater has done its job.  I have caught up with my social media.  I'm now heading up to the studio.  I plan on having a damn good time and something to show for it.  Eventually.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

(raspberry mouth noise)

I had plans for posting some new pieces and tossing about a few uplifting and motivational words and phrases.

Not. Gonna.  Happen.

I'm just mentally limping along right now.  I feel like an actor in an action movie.  You know the one.  He's shot.  He's holding his side.  He's pulling himself along with just one arm.  He seems to think that just by pulling himself to another spot he will get better.

It's kind of like that with me right now.  Except it's all in my head.  And it's way far from being an action movie. 

So, I'm going to eat some chocolate.  I'm going to purchase some books online.  I'm going to go into the studio and do whatever the hell I want no matter how stupid or insignificant.  I'm going to walk through the cold and shitty weather to my yoga class, and the only reason I'm doing this is because I have already paid for it and it hasn't hurt me yet.