Monday, June 1, 2015

Heading North

Will eventually be called Lost in Venice #?

Soon we will travel north for the summer.  I will greatly miss my "new" home of Charleston, SC.  After less than three years, I have rooted here.  It would take great force to rip me out now.  Until quite recently, I have been dreading heading back up to Pennsylvania.  But with the daytime temperatures around 87 and nighttime being little less, I am looking forward to escaping the heat.

How I will miss my bright, happy studio.

I was hoping to finish up all projects by the time we leave.  However, I keep starting projects.  My studio walls are full and I'm lining up pieces along the floor.  Does the piece above look finished?  I'm thinking so.  But, as they say, it aint over 'til its over.  Upon my return, I have a lot of photography to do.  Another favorite gallery to contact regarding representation.  An Etsy site to update.  Blogs to write.  I have fallen down on all of the above.  I do not do New Year's resolutions.  I do Autumn resolutions.  All will be well in the fall.  Right?

And now I must begin packing for two months.  I need one of those ladies' maids from Downton Abbey to load up my trunks with all of my finery.