Thursday, November 21, 2013

Autumn (???) in Charleston

I am experiencing Autumn for the first time in Charleston, South Carolina.  Fall has always been my favorite season.  I am a huge fan of red, yellow, orange and brown leaves.  To be surrounded by a cacophony of falling leaves  is one of my greatest pleasures.

Yet, here, most things remain green.  Maybe more leaves have yet to turn.  Time will tell.

Until then, I will focus on the details.  The autumnal details.

When yellow and gold leaves are difficult to find, flowers will do.

A stunning, fading rose against yellowing leaves.

Ginkgo leaves.  My favorite.

Fall-tinted buildings become much more significant this time of year.

These yellow-flowering shrubs are everywhere.  I have yet to learn their name.

Ripening fruit.  Coloring foliage.

I have yet to find a leaf this color here.

Staged.  Couldn't help myself.

Love that finial in the corner.

More floral beauty.  So many plants are still in bloom.

Would one of these be missed?

Gorgeous leaves and branches against those shutters.

Random beauty.

Unidentified berries.

Anyone know what this is?  I do know that as the fruits ripen, it will become more vile in appearance.

I'm looking forward to watching nature change over the rest of the year.  I am not looking to the freezing temperatures we will have over the weekend.  Just one night, but that will be enough to do plenty of damage.  I guess a flake or two of snow would be too much to ask.