Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Rerun #1

My mind is on other things this week instead of blogging. I am reading blogs. But I just can't whip up something exciting and new to post for you guys. So I'm going to do what they do on television - rerun old episodes.

This is one of my favorites in my autobiography series. How did I get to be where I am today?

In Junior High School, I made a D in geometry. I did not go further in the world of math than that (it was much easier to get into college in the old days). So, at times, I am surprised I am able to quilt. Pioneer women who never learned to read had a far better grasp on geometry than I will ever have. Most of those women quilted. Using triangles and other shapes that I do not know the names of. They made eight-pointed stars out of cloth!

I like squares and rectangles. They generally like me. We get along. I like the challenge of limiting myself to these shapes. It makes me grow as a person. I'm going to rationalize it that way.

Years ago, I went to a seminar called "the business of art". The speaker asked us to raise our hand when our favorite shape was called. First was "triangle". 40% of the audience raised their hands. The second was "circle", 59.5% raised their hands (there were approximately 200 people in attendance). The third was "square". I raised my hand. I was alone. Then the speaker told us what our favorite shapes had to do with our personalities. The "triangles" were go-getters. Nothing could stand in the way of these brilliant, creative people. The "circles" were also quite creative, but in a more contemplative way. They were relaxed, popular people and easy to be around (no pun intended). The "squares" (me and me alone), were not creative and were unable to think outside of the box. We should be accountants. The room was filled with laughter. I felt shamed. At that time. I feel shamed no more.

I love the square. I am a square. They did not give the option of choosing "rectangle" at the seminar. I probably would have chosen that over the square. Just marginally. The rectangle is more versatile. It fits almost everywhere. But, I am a square. I accept that.

Have any other artists out there been pegged in such a way? Are you circles? Are you triangles? Are there any other square artists?


Marty Mason said...

No, never pegged as a geometric shape, but often as a pain in the you know what!!!

Fibra Artysta said...

That seminar speaker sounds horrible, what a terrible thing to say! I've never understood why there are so many categories for making art. I've been called weird, strange, left of center...doesn't matter to me. I make art for me first and other people like it, great, if not then at least I know I made something I can be proud of.

jason said...

I don't know shape this speaker was, must have been an obtuse triangle or something.

I mean, really!

ArtPropelled said...

I've just read Signs of Life (The 5 Universal Shapes and How to Use Them) by Angeles Arrien. In it there is a preferential Shape Test. I changed my mind so many times but in my final answer it was square first, triangle second etc. If the square is your first choice it means stability and authenticity. You value the alignment of words and actions.
Take it with a pinch of salt!
I like Jason's answer!