Monday, May 11, 2009

Facebook Fright

Midlife Crisis II, 20 x 20"

Before I get started, I wanted to share more orange with you. Another piece showing my true colors.

Now, back to the subject.

I have recently latched on to Facebook. Slowly I’m gathering friends. I’m, um, picky. Yeah, that’s it. Picky. Anyway. . .

I have twin nieces that turned 18 this month. Just yesterday, really just yesterday, they were learning how to spell. They are fantastic kids, yet, as teenagers, they have secret worlds that only they and their close friends know about. So in order to find out a bit more about them, I looked up their profiles on Facebook.

The first thing I discover, is that they do speak a different language. The combinations of letters and words mean little in my mid-forties mind. And those musical groups, I don’t know who the hell they are. I did discover that they like many of the same movies I like. Jeez, they shouldn’t be watching those things. They're waaaaaay too young. “Kinky Boots”? Great movie, but man, don’t you need to be 25 to watch it?

Then, I look at the line that tells what they are doing on Facebook – what they are interested in. You know what both of them put down? Men!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!! Men are older. Men are experienced. Men have flecks of gray in their hair and wrinkles around their eyes. Boys, I tell you, are what they are looking for. BOYS!!!!! Even though I am a young 45, I would not consider a male to be a man until he is at least 27. More likely 30. Sometimes older. And that is just way too old for my oh-so-recently-turned-eighteen nieces.

Men, indeed.

Is anyone else out there being sucked into the black hole that is Facebook?


paula said...

no, i filled that hole up with mud and rocks and walked on.
i like the new piece...its bright and energetic!

Rita Vindedzis said...

I'm in Facebook. I was told to do it for business. Not a big fan of it though I try to check in at least once a week which usually turns out to be once a month. My son, who turns 18 in December refuses to have a Facebook page. Go figure!! Love the new piece-great title too!

Ellen said...

Great piece!
All but a few of my real life friends refuse to have a facebook page as well. I few blogs I've faithfully read over the last year have pretty much closed down and said, come join me on facebook. And two of them are more interesting on facebook than on theirs blog (and their blogs were great). Like anything, it all depends on how it's utilized.

Unknown said...

I'm a latecomer to Facebook, too. I joined mostly to keep up with family, but I feel like it could be an avenue for art business as well. It's a good way to keep up with my younger nieces and nephews (15-25 in age). It's no substitute for blogging, though. FB looks like a crowded little newsletter...I feel like a blog is more like a novel.

Kim Hambric said...

I'm really looking into having them work together. I'd love to have some bloggers join me on Facebook and I would love to have friends and family on Facebook follow my blog.

I'm much to into blogging to let it go.