Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions. Resolschmoozins.

Can anyone think of a good word to rhyme with resolution? I really can't. I don't think I'm going to make any of those resolutions, anyway.

This time of year, I am always in a funk. Christmas is over. Those cold, gray days of central Pennsylvania loom ahead. I can't get too excited about making resolutions.

Could I eat better? Exercise more? Try volunteer work (perhaps this one)? Promote my art? Sell my art? Become a nicer person? Become perpetually optimistic? O.K. I'll try this last one. I say that this post is half full.

Ask me later. As my daughter has done in this photo, I shall put a bag over my head. I'll take it off in a couple of weeks. I shall make make resolutions in mid-January.

I'll be back soon. The new and improved me.

1 comment:

paula said...

resolutions are go off and ignore them and come back when you are full of zest again.