Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spirals It Shall Be

The client and I have decided on spirals. Now I am busy spiralling. Well, I was busy spiralling and then took a few days off to visit family and celebrate Christmas. I will get back to this eventually. Maybe it will be my New Year's resolution to resume work on this. It is quite intense to rotate these three pieces around the machine over and over. Much of the quilting involves spirals, so there are far more spirals to be sewn than just the appliques. I take a few machine stitches, lift the presser foot, rotate the quilt a bit, lower presser foot, take a few more stitches, turn. As I get into the center of the circle, I do fewer stitches, and turn, stitch and turn, stitch and turn. Next spiral, next, next, next . . .
Thank you to those who have sent lovely cards with glitter. They are much appreciated and have added to the beauty of my Christmas. Also, thanks to those who have sent pictures of their families and pets. Jan. 1 is the day I "redo" the fridge, and I will put up those photos.
After I have recovered from the holiday stupor, I will come up with some stimulating posts.
Happy New Year!!!

1 comment:

paula said...

interesting...i look at the spirals and then below at the earlier post with just open circles and feel at odds, like isn't there something in-between these? but if the client is happy with spirals hooray!!!!
glad you got cards for the fridge.
happy new year kim!