Wednesday, December 5, 2007

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

A long, cold weekend in New York City. Invigorating, inspirational, crowded. The sounds of the season are megaphones in your ear instructing you to "keep moving". Horns. Construction. Taxis. Buses. Subways. I love it!!!!!

I must say, I didn't think about being in my studio all weekend.

I ate and shopped and now I am bloated and poor. Oh well.

The photo is of Grand Central Station. What a beautiful place. It made me want to take a train. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Amidst all the visual and audible hammering of the city, there is the Central Park Zoo. In the snow. Practically alone. This has to be my favorite place. A beautiful Red Panda has come to have a look at us.

The crowd is normally 5 rows deep around the sea lion pool. On this day, we have it all to ourselves.
But now it is back to work. I have kind of forgotten what the commission looks like. Hope I still like it. I will go have a look after I shovel through some laundry.

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paula said...

welcome back! glad you had fun and got bloated :) fun to see some pictures of things that aren't typical ny. i practically feel invigorated just knowing someone had a vacation!