Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Much Time Off

I know it sounds like such a horrible thing to have too much time off. There is so much left to be done on this commission which is due at the end of January. Normally, that would be way too much time, but with Christmas and all of its "requirements" and then school being out, there is less time than I think.
Last Thursday we got an inch of sleet. Enough to close schools. I had a whole day ahead of me, I thought as I lay in bed that morning. I could get so much done. I had no errands, no other work. Just a whole day to spend on the commission. Then I discovered schools were closed. My daughter and I made cookies and Christmas cards. A great day!!! But now I'm so far behind. I threw my annual Christmas party over the weekend, so with the cooking and cleaning for and cleaning up, I had no time to work.
When I do have free days, I find I am waiting for feedback from the client and I can't proceed on the quilt. When I get the feedback and need to get things done, well, I can't. My daughter did agree to work with me in the studio for a bit (half-hour) while I got some designs ready to photograph for the client. But today, today, today, I have all day. What am I doing? Blogging. Bad girl. I will let the dishes go. But then there's laundry. Grrrrrr.
Hi Ho Hi Ho. Off to work I go.

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