Thursday, January 3, 2008

January Again

January - it is a recurring nightmare. I'm sure there are some that love this month. They probably look forward to it. Some love that clean slate feel to January. Good for them. For me, the word "January" is pretty close to profanity.

The year always starts off slowly for me. It goes at a rapid pace once spring hits. Usually I'm in a frenzy in Summer. Fall is wonderful & I really enjoy the Christmas season. Then January rolls around again & I feel as if I've been kicked. Down and can't get up. Ugggh.

I should be thankful that it is not last January. Before Christmas last year, I went numb. Then the numbness went into pain. I spent Christmas wondering if I were dying of something. The doctor couldn't figure it out & set up an appointment with a specialist for me in early January. A hideous test where I was stuck with needles (turned out I wasn't so numb after all), and then shocked repeatedly lead to the conclusion I had Guillain Barre Syndrome. I came to the conclusion I would always spill the beans during torture. Being shocked is never pleasant. I slowly recovered over the next few months. Turns out I had a pretty mild case. However, this time last year, I was not sure I would be able to continue doing what I had been doing. I could barely hold a needle. The syndrome probably was a result of a flu shot I had 5 weeks earlier. This year, no flu shot. Perhaps I will get the flu this year. In January.

The commission is plugging along. The quilting is done and now I will figure out the beading. Then, I will spend as long as it takes to clean the studio (photo above). I did not post the photo of the closeup of the pile of fabric on the floor -- too scary. It is all hand-dyed and has yet to be heat-set by iron. That will take up a huge chunk of January.

I really do admire those who post their goals and stick to them. That is not for me. Goals to me are like opposing magnets. I just can't seem to connect with a goal. Best to get some work and do some work. Then get some more work and do the work. Once I set a goal, I generally no longer like the goal. If I don't like the goal, I won't try to achieve the goal.

Yet, I will list a few bitty goals. Here they go:

1. Clean studio

2. Blog consistently

3. Order supplies

4. Read more books

5. Be less afraid to experiment.

6. Find new goals

I'm tired now. Bye Bye

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Michele/TextileTraveler said...

Kim, I know what you mean about January. But think about the cycle of the seasons--every growing thing needs a period of rest and hibernation to get ready for Spring's growth. Maybe January is that time for you?