Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life on Hold

Looks like I've got to shut down for a few days. I'll have to put everything on hold. We are having our kitchen, family room, and office floors refinished this week. This naturally affects the rest of the house. The cat will have to live in the attic for a few days since we can't shut off the rooms being worked on from the rest of the house. He must be banished or we'll have to deal with cat footprints for the next 20 years. I expect the finish on these floors to last that long. The first go round -- the finish only held up for 2 years. We've been living with a disintegrating floor for the last 7 years. Remodeling rule: 4 coats of polyurethane minimum!!!

Since the cat will be residing in the attic, I will be unable to work. The attic is my studio! I will have to thoroughly cover all surfaces to protect them from the cat. Any project or surface left uncovered will no doubt be marked by a hairball. Why can't he stay in another room -- well the attic is the only room where the door closes and stays closed -- we live in an old house. The commission is on hold anyway while the client reviews samples and mails back "yes" and "no" swatches.

Since the computer is in the office and there is no more room in the rest of the house to place it, we will have to shut it down for a few days. No Blogging!!!!! No email!!!!!! It will be like solitary confinement.

So, no kitchen, no computer, no studio, no inside access to the basement (so maybe no laundry).

Back in a few days!

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