Thursday, November 1, 2007

Up and Running (OK up and pacing)

Well, I was going to say I was up and running. I was going to post a photo of a newish piece here. I cannot add the photo. I am not actually up and running. Hmmmmm, this isn't boding well for the day.

The floors in my house are finished!!! The office was not done after all, so the computer was dismantled for nothing. It will be a few days before we can move furniture back into the kitchen and family room, but at least I can tiptoe in there and get things out of the kitchen that I had forgotten. My poor, tired husband wanted a beer last night. He asked where the bottle opener was. I told him that he was out of luck.

I was able to let the cat roam free this morning, so now the studio is mine again. I tried to share it with the cat, but everytime I would expose a piece of my worktable to play with fabric, he would come over and sit on my experiment. The rest of the table was covered with padding and a fleece throw for him (and to protect the artwork underneath in case of hairballs or other bad cat actions), but apparently, that was not what he wanted. I was a bit worried he would relieve himself on my table. There is a litter box in the studio but he REFUSES to use it. So I had to let him out a couple times each day to go to the one in the basement. He also refuses to drink water when it is next to his food bowl, but will drink from a bowl elsewhere. His favorite watering hole is an overflow bucket next to the hot water heater. I don't get it. The dog was confined to the living room so he would not irritate the floor guy. He got bored and barked all day, every day.

So, I have spent several days pacing and not working. I cannot work when my studio is tidied up. I've looked at all of my art and quilting books. I'm still waiting on feedback for the commission, so that is not underway yet. I feel like a car stuck in the snow. One experiement I might carry a bit further. I received several bags of vintage lucite beads from ebay. Kind of chunky and primitive looking. I may force myself to use them and just getting going on something, anything. The more I work, the more ideas I get. I just have not been working -- therefore no ideas.

Maybe I'll run some errands. Blog all day. Eat Halloween candy (wait, can't -- my daughter has been through her bag, and her photographic memory has logged every Snickers and Smarties). No. Must GET UP AND GO. GET UP AND GO. GET UP AN

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