Monday, October 22, 2007

Starting a Commission

While I'm still waiting for my orange fabrics to arrive in the mail, I'm playing around with some applique ideas. This will, perhaps, be the central piece of the triptych.

I'm quite fond of the open, irregular circles. However, I think I will need to make them much larger, as the client would like them to flow from one piece to another -- one half circle on one piece, one half on the other. These circles and small blue squares are pieces of fabric I have coated with acrylic medium and have backed with fusible web to attach them to the quilt. I will still use stitching on these appliques, but the acrylic medium keeps the edges from fraying and gives them a somewhat glossy texture that contrasts with the untreated fabric.

My first idea for applique shapes was to have them look like river rocks. I had applied the medium to brown sponge painted fabric and cut out shapes that I had intended to look like smooth stones from a river. I had mentioned this idea to the client & she wasn't against the idea. The picture below will have her convinced that it was the wrong idea. It looks quite like poop.

Anyway, new fabric should be here tomorrow & I will actually be able to get this job underway.

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Unknown said...

Hi! WOW - your work is BEAUTIFUL and for you to come and compliment mine is a HUGE compliment! So thank you - I will blogroll you and visit often and see what you are up to as well! Good stuff. :-)