Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Bird! I feel a Series coming on

This is number two. It's called Winter Feeding and is 15"x10". This one has two birds on it. Now I have a small flock. There is yet another bird quilt in progress & it has even more birds. It's getting a bit Hitchcockish around here. I feel like the birds are taking over. In the studio, little birds are all over the floor, cut out and ready to go. I've stamped fabric squares with birds and they are turning up everywhere. I think I've found the perfect square for another project & when I turn it over, there's a bird on the back. I guess I should just go with the flow and make even more.

I have a comission in the works which is now on the back burner for a few days. The woman commissioning wants lots of orangey yellows & I don't have any. I spent some time yesterday on Equilter ordering as many orangey yellows as I could & I'll wait and see what comes to my door. It's so hard to order fabric through the internet. Well, its quite easy (too easy). The hard part is attempting to match colors. For a commission I had over the summer, I needed blues. $250 worth of blues later, I found the 2 blues I needed for the project. I now need to do the blue series. Hmmmmm.......

This is my favorite and most inspirational time of year. I love autumn. My home is surrounded by mums in all shades of red, yellow and orange. This morning, I walked my daughter to the bus stop and discovered some kids had built a leaf fort. I should have gone in and sat down. Too worried that other adults would think I was a bit of a freak and should not be allowed to stand at the bus stop with small children. Perhaps if the fort is still there this afternoon I will talk my daughter into sitting in there with me.

If my commission goes as planned, and perhaps if those things will sell on Etsy and Ebay, I will buy an additional camera. I'm tired of sharing with my husband. He took it with him today & I really would like to go and photograph the neighbor's sidewalk. While walking home from the bus stop the other day, I looked down and gasped. My daughter thought I was dying, but I saw the most beautiful pattern of dead pine tree needles perfectly scattered on the sidewalk. It was only perfect that one day. Hasn't had the same effect since. So I need to find a bitty camera that I can carry with me. I'm not so good with a sketchbook. I'll have to convince my husband that the extra camera will be a great investment.


paula said...

a series....that is serious. birds are something completely unexpected to do a series of, can't wait to see if that flies.
hope you get your own camera soon, would love to see the leaf fort and things that make you gasp!

Jamie said...

I love how birds are popping up in your designs. I say go with it.

You definitely need a camera of your own. Or at least one that is always available to you. My husband borrowed my little Canon camera when he was in Australia on business. He left me with the "big camera" and I got totally spoiled using it while he was away. Now I feel limited when I only have the small camera with me.

How did it go with your photo editing lessons? I think it's a great idea to have total creative control of your art. Photography is a whole new dimension you can add to your list of creative skills. Best of luck with it all. Take notes and do lots of experimentation - you'll get the hang of it.