Friday, October 26, 2007

What to do with That Old Stuff?

I guess I shouldn't call it "old stuff". It thought it was great stuff when I did it. And there's still a lot more like it all over my house.
Should I put it somewhere on my website? I'd like my website to look cohesive, however. I'd like my collectors to think that I've been doing the same sort of thing and will continue to do it, and not run off and change my mind and media completely. Which obviously has happened before.
This is a piece from my Biological Clock series. From way back when I did collages. My collages are a mixture of fabric and paper. All backgrounds are from fabric, and often, a great deal of the content is from fabric. The collages were done on illustration board, then glazed to look like a painting -- all are ornately framed. It became so difficult to find fabrics with realistic flowers and fruits & my home became overrun with magazines for clipping pictures from.
So I haven't a clue what to do with them now. I can't just fold them and put them away in a drawer like I do my quilts. I hate to take them off of my walls, but I really do need to make some room for my newer fabric pieces. They just make me feel a bit guilty somehow.
What do other artists do in this situation? Sell them cheaply? Give them as gifts? Hold on to them as long as it takes to sell them? Post pictures of them somewhere and list them as not for sale -- perhaps that is the way to get people to really want them -- tell them they can't have them.


paula said...

I only have a few years under my belt, but I can say there are a few things already that I have just disassembled. tossed. I don't like to burden people with too much stuff, especially if I can see they already have more shit than they need.
I try not to be beholden to things. Maybe you could sell these on the ubiquitous ETSY. How many do you have? Are we talking more than five? Ten? If its really good work then try to tuck it away if you think you art career will take off, people will eventually buy it if that happens. I guess that would be my advice, but what do I know :)

paula said...

ps, are these on a board? is it a real clock? I'd be interested in seeing more. Maybe offer them on the blog, the holidays are coming after all.