Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Signs of the Times XXVII and XXVIII

Signs of the Times XXVII, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XXVIII, 6 x 6"

Still continuing my obsession with old, industrial cities. Signs of the Times XXVII contains text from a vintage textbook about shipping and commerce on between cities on the Great Lakes. Signs of the Times XXVIII contains pieces of a vintage map of Detroit, MI.

The decline of these once great cities bothers me in the extreme. As these cities decline, so does the culture of our country. Our countryside is stripped and flattened for the spread of subdivisions. Most Americans live so far from any city, that they rarely experience what cities have to offer. Museums, theaters (real ones, not those 12 to a box ones), galleries, cultural centers, diversity. Far too many of us sit way out in new subdivisions with the television constantly turned on and tuned into one of those reality shows with women who have all character sucked out of them and have had the great fortune of having made a sex tape with someone and . . .

Good heavens, I got up on the high horse again. What I mean is, get out of the house, visit the city, see a show, shop at an independent shop, eat at a non-chain restaurant.

These pieces are now for sale on Etsy.


paula said...

kim, i normally think what most artists have to say about their art is just way too convoluted...
but when i read the passion and earnestness in regards to your work i think WOW. i would encourage you to submit this as a body of work somewhere. come on, i need to write an artists proposal and i think you should too and we can both learn together :)
i'm need to start getting serious about this because it is truly your ticket into the art world.

aimee said...

believe me, i sit on exactly the same horse! beautiful pieces!

jason said...

So true....and ditto to what Paula says!