Monday, April 26, 2010

Well Said

There are days when I want to post something profound. Something amusing. Or a new piece of artwork that is so stunning my readers will weep. That is not happening on this rainy Monday.

So today, I'm just going to share with you other people's blogs.

The Easternmost Potter in the United States is a blog I have recently started following. I like Shanna Wheelock's thoughts on being a non-starving artist.

I have been a reader of Cliff's Crib for quite a while now. Cliff is a resident of New Orleans. I guess many of my long-time readers know what I think of New Orleans. Yet, as many times as I have been there, and as much as I think I know about it, I am a tourist. Unless I pick myself up and move down there myself, I will always be a tourist. His is a must-read blog for me to get some well-said information from a resident.

I will now return to my regularly scheduled studio time. New, and many old, bits and pieces have crept out onto my work table. I have NO idea what will they turn into, if anything. It seems as if text still wants to be involved. Not sure about maps. I do think that I need some vintage letter stamps that are smaller than the large ones I have and larger than the smaller ones.

I'll just have a "quick" look on Ebay and Etsy and see what I can find.


lori vliegen said...

thanks for linky links! and i'm sure that all of those bits and pieces on your worktable will turn into something quite profound....! :))

paula said...

thanks for turning me on to more blogs :)

layers said...

hello. thanks for the new links to a few of your favorite blogs. And in your previous post are 2 of your art pieces-- I love text and letters and numbers and these are wonderful.


thanks, Kim! What a sweet surprise to find this post!

Boracay beach hotel said...

I'm gonna check those links for sure. I love seeing beautiful works. Yours are beautiful as well.