Monday, April 12, 2010

Signs of the Times XXIII and XXIV

Signs of the Times XXIII, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XXIV, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XXIII contains pieces of a vintage map of Detroit, MI. Much of the text in these pieces comes from a vintage book entitled Toward New Towns for America. This book has sat on shelves in my homes for decades. It has moved with me several times. I had never looked at it until I needed bits of text for these pieces. When I finally got a good look at it I was shocked. It basically stated that we should all get the hell out of our nasty, big cities and build brand-spanking-new towns all over the country. At the time I purchased this book (cheap and used, no doubt), I probably thought that was a wonderful idea. Not so much anymore.

Some plans for visiting cities are being formed. Most revolve around my husband's work. Some of these trips are connected to relatives. Regardless, I want to see as many cities as possible.

Trips in the works: Columbus, OH; Portland, OR; New York, NY; Toronto; Barcelona. Hopefully, I can find some inspiration in these places for future artwork.

I have completed 32 pieces in the Signs of the Times series. I would like to do some more in a larger format, but for now, nothing is going on. Today I will do some yard work since it is such a beautiful day. Then off to Target. Then, perhaps I will clean up the studio. Its littered with bits of paper, beads, piles of fabric scraps, books, torn up maps, etc. I'm often inspired to move onto the next thing while I am doing my cleaning.

I don't know about other artists (visual, performance, writers), but I often panic at the end of a large project. Will I ever be able to do anything else? Should I throw on that dark blue bib thing and become a greeter at Wal-Mart? If I don't complete something today as an artist have I failed as an artist?


paula said...

those pieces are beautiful kim...i hope you feel how cool this series it yes?
as far that panic feeling..yeah. i think most probably do, some dont yeah? its the nature of the beast.
are you going to do more series like this then with all the traveling or are you saying this is it?

lori vliegen said...

i'm still loving this map graphic, so fabulous!! and i don't think it's time to put on that blue-bib-thing just're an artist every day.....and a magnificent one at that!!! xox, :))

Unknown said...

Your pieces are amazing! What an incredible series. And, I love your post about the neighborhood! your writing is incredible....I truly felt as though I was there...

Wiggy said...

Can you pack me in a suitcase when you embark on some of your trips???? Portland, New York and Barcelona what wonderful places to visit. Not that I would know, but can you imagine going there and truely seeing the architecture, the textures of things, colors or just plain dirt and ugliness.

And Kim, if you don't complete something today, tomorrow or the next does not make you a failure as an artist. That is in you soul, it can hibernate at times, but it will always be there waiting to be awaken.

linda said...

Oh wow, very cool work. I like the contrast of the loose imagery, but then structured square!