Sunday, April 18, 2010

Signs of the Times XXV and XXVI

Signs of the Times XXV, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XXVI, 6 x 6"

Signs of the Times XXV contains pieces of a vintage map of San Francisco. XXVI contains text from a vintage book about St. Louis. The pieces are for sale on Etsy.

There are only 6 more to post. XXX and XXXI were commissioned by a friend and have been sold.

The studio is clean. All little bits have been tossed or stashed. Boxes and bags of fabric scraps, large and small, have been given away. Drawers are empty and are awaiting new supplies. My stamp collection has moved into larger dwellings. Now, there is plenty of room for more. My maps now have a home. So do my map scraps.

The floor has been vacuumed. Spiderwebs have been removed. Tables have been scrubbed.

Now I am in panic mode wondering if I'll ever start anything new. I know. I know. I go through this stage frequently. I never get used to it, though. This past week was spent in housewife mode. I did nothing in the studio, except to clean it.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow?



i think the cleaning ritual precedes great work :)

it is a clearing for things're work is always wonderful...have no fear!

Wiggy said...

You cleaned out the old, so you could begin creating again fresh. New beginnings.....You will be creating before you know it. Now I just wish I could purge and get my room organized.

ArtPropelled said...

Just begin!