Wednesday, April 14, 2010


No photo here. Yet.

I'm waiting for the pile to be completed. If it ever is.

I am piling up fabrics to remove from my studio. A couple days ago, I was very frustrated when trying to clean up my studio after I finished #32 in my last series. I'm not saying the series is finished. But the overwhelming accumulation of stuff that I never use is. Finished.


Out of here.

Boxes of fabrics that I starched years ago for a completely different type of artwork. Gone. Bags and bags of 2-inch squares that I cut years before that for watercolor quilts. Gone. So much cleared out. So far to go.

I originally planned to sell all of this on Ebay and/or Etsy. I got to thinking about all the time involved. Layout, photography, descriptions, listing, labeling, packaging, post-officing, etc. I decided to streamline the process. Call a friend. See if her husband wanted it for the art department of his school. I got a yes. Now its pack it up and get it out.

Drawer after drawer is being emptied. What a fantastic feeling.

There are a few things I will try to sell on Etsy. I've got several shallow drawers full of fabric cut outs. Fruits, veggies, vines, leaves, birds (anybody interested?). I've also got more coordinated fabric square packages.

Now I'll be able to stow all of the new items. Vintage letter stamps. Plastic letters. Even more beads. Maps. Paper scraps. Paper punches.

And by the time I get all of this organized and labeled, I'll be on to something completely different.

Like medical school.



Marty Mason said...

Just having the vision of your clean studio makes me want to do the same thing. Purge on Kim!

Love the idea of giving to the school....their budgets have been so squeezed lately.

Diane said...

Yes, great idea to give it to the school. Isn't it funny how we accumulate SO MUCH stuff for future art projects, and then just set them aside--I think we all do this. My art room is all neat and tidy now, and I found that I enjoy being in there so much more.

Wiggy said...


I need to purge too. I seem to get it a tiny bit organized, then I end up with a room that a tornado has hit. Right now it is that way and I have not been inspired to go in there or to work on anything. My studio is small.

And like to others said, giving to a school is a wonderful idea. I know here in Illinois, schools are having a rough time.

Fibra Artysta said...

Its the best thing in the world - clearing out all the stuff you don't use anymore. And I often do the same thing, donate it. Makes me feel good to pass it on to someone who can't afford their own supplies.

lori vliegen said...

well, you're doing exactly what i should be doing....but instead i sit here on the computer!!! good for you for finding a good home for all of your treasures....i'm sure that they'll be put to many creative uses at the school!! :))

ArtPropelled said...

Well done Kim! Its a job I often start but never finish.