Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time to Regroup

I've only been out of town for three days and I feel so lost.

I'm not going to be able to catch up on everyone's blog and make the witty (snarly?) comments I would like to make.

I'm surrounded by boxes (empty and full), ribbons, bags (empty and full), cookie tins (empty, finally), tree needles, broken bits and things to glue, a kid's sewing machine I have to learn to use before I teach my daughter the proper way to sew over her finger, tissue paper, unknown things, cat yak, unanswered Christmas cards, lists of things I should have done, etc.

Bloggers, thanks for being out there. I'll visit you later and make comments on old posts.

I'm off now to heat up leftover pizza and then hope desperately that the milk for tomorrow morning has not gone bad.

p.s. Happy birthday Wiggy!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Many of us are in a similar boat. Not to worry. I took two days and got caught up with myself, box of ribbon by box of ornaments. It feels great. You'll get there Kim!

paula said...

glad you are back. i miss your witty comments but mostly your posts! cool to hear your daughter will have her own machine, be careful :)

Susan said...

It is great you are getting your daughter interested in sewing. I could never get Linda, my daughter interested in crocheting, sewing or anything. She does doodle. But I guess she takes after my big sister, she is an awsome writer. Enjoy every moment you have together working.

Thanks for the birthday wish.!

Susan said...

You see I am not an awesome writer. I misspell. : )