Monday, December 21, 2009

My Favorite Things, Part III

On the cooler side of the spectrum, my favorite colors are brown and blue. These colors are appropriate for those rare sunny, winter days in Central Pennsylvania.

Inception, 7.5 x 9"

City Park, 13 x 11"

Life Raft, 6 x 9"

Ripple Effect, 14 x 10"

All of these pieces are now available on Etsy.

Not a great deal to talk about today. I must spring into action now. Wrapping, baking, one more trip to one of those darn big box stores. I swore I was not going to shop anywhere until after Christmas. That just makes me a big fat liar. But one MUST have printer paper.


Wiggy said...


I have been enjoying your blogs on your favorite things! Your art is so great. I love the use of the blues and browns. Have a Merry Christmas!!! One day we need to get together again.

lori vliegen said...

i just love your color and fabric selections....and then the wonderful way you put them all together!! i hope you have a fabulous Christmas, kim, and a very creative new year!! :))

ArtPropelled said...

I must be a big fat liar too! It's crazy going into that frenzy especially with our high temperatures today (40C), but off I go once again to battle against the seething masses.
Your work is so beautiful Kim (I know I repeat myself)and your colours, no matter what combination, are always gorgeous.