Friday, December 11, 2009

Basic. Elemental.

Elemental I, 12 x 12"

As usual, I've managed to get myself worked up into a holiday lather. I've got to slow down and think about what is really important. I really don't want to do ridiculous activities, buy ridiculous gifts, and bake ridiculous amounts of goodies that an army couldn't even eat (I'm talking about quality, not quantity here. My goodies are good).

Elemental II, 12 x 12"

Do I really have to run all over town and find presents for my kid's instructors? Do these people really want dozens of little gifts? Can't my daughter just make a heartfelt card instead? Hmmmm, maybe Christmas is about delegating to the little people.

Elemental III, 12 x 12"

I just want to be with my family. I want to buy them gifts I think they will like. (Remember folks, it really is the thought that counts). I want to send out pretty cards. I don't have to write to everyone about how wonderful my year was. That's what those newsletters are for. We just have to let people we like know that we like them.

I guess its a bit too late for me this year to say I'm being basic and elemental. There's always next year.

And, yes, I am getting just a bit commercial here. All of these pieces are available on Etsy.


jason said...

Speaking as an "instructor" (at least for me) gifts are not necessary. I know what I'd like most from a student is just a "merry christmas!" and maybe a real sincere attempt to do better.
(ok, maybe a praline too :)

But I like that color combo, the browns and the blues

Chris said...

One year Martha Stewart talked me into making a wreath by sticking a million toothpicks in a form and then sticking a million cranberries onto the toothpicks. Is that what you meant by ridiculous activities? In the end it didn't look that great and within a few days the berries began drying out. Lesson learned.