Monday, December 7, 2009

Colors of Christmas?

I've never been one to use those so-called traditional Christmas colors of red and green. If I do use them, they won't be seen together. Not my favorite color combination. As most of my readers know, fall colors are my fave. And, yes, fall colors become my Christmas colors.

Benefits of Sunshine I, 10 x 10"

I tend to do a lot of Christmas decorating. I'm not sure if its all about the Holiday, or more of a chance to do what I love more excessively. Each year, I put up several Christmas trees. So far I have eight artificial trees in various sizes, with a live tree yet to come. One is the "heritage" tree with loads of ornamants from my and my husband's childhood. This is the closest I come to putting red and green together. My favorite ornaments on this tree are red and gold balls with spots of red and gold glitter. My mother's first Christmas with my dad was a year with little money. My mother went to the "dime store" and purchased boxes of inexpensive gold, red and green balls. She also purchased glue and glitter and went home and got creative. My sister and I divided these up years ago when my mother declared she was done with a red and green tree. Each year, I manage to drop and break one of these balls. I refuse to not use them, though. I'll hang them (and break them) until they're all gone. They've lasted 59 years so I guess they'll make it a few more.

Benefits of Sunshine II, 10 x 10"

There is a tree with green lights and green, gold and white ornaments. Red is forbidden there. This tree is in my green family room. Over the years I've collected a few surprising items. A close look will reward the viewer with dragonflies, lizards, and bees along with the usual balls. The live tree in the living room will sport red, gold and white lights. The other tree in the living room is lit with some interestingly shaped white and gold lights. Since my living room is small, there will be little room for living. Years ago, in a Christmas shop far, far, away, I spotted some brown Christmas lights. You heard me. Brown. At $18.oo a strand they were out of my reach. No doubt they would have failed to light the following year. Regardless, I still dream of brown Christmas lights.

Benefits of Sunshine III, 10 x 10"

This year, naturally, there was a Christmas light crisis. No matter that several strands were purchased earlier in the season, there was a shortage. Hubby braved the crowds at Target yesterday. He called mid-trip. "I got two boxes of green lights. There are no red lights unless you want to try those LED ones. I managed to get the last four boxes of white lights."

Green lights good. Red lights look like a volcano erupting. Not the rich red I was hoping for. The white lights have white wire. No so good for a green tree. Got to go back to Target today for a return. Hopefully they have restocked, but I have a feeling that what they had yesterday (next to nothing) is more than what they'll have today.

Yes, I know there are far more serious issues with the world than lights with white wire. We have donated to the local food pantry and may do so again. Still have to pick up some toys for tots. I have plenty of room to fill with the spirit of giving. There is much more that I can do. And hopefully will do.

But right now, I'm heading out to Target.

Benefits of Sunshine I, II and III are now for sale on Etsy.


Chris said...

I love the undercurrent of guilt for putting so much effort into decorating! I hear that. (I am donating $$ to "Nothing but Nets" which donates mosquito nets to people in developing countries as my pennance.)
Your Christmas trees sound very cool. I just put up my third one. This is the one with all of the crazy-looking plastic ornaments from when plastic was new and exciting.

Why no LED lights? They use much less electricity. I know, they are expensive.

Christmas Hampers said...

I can see the colour of Christmas on you through the medium of this blog. Christmas preparation are on pace. Like your blog. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Ellen said...

9 trees up! You are filled with Yuletide spirit. I love the sentiment of handmade ornaments that have a connection to your past. There's some pretty awful salt dough ornaments that my kids made when they were preschoolers up in our tree. We have to put them high in the tree so the dog doesn't eat them. They may be ugly, but I'm a sap for the sentiment and hope they last forever.
ps- love the fall colored pieces! and brown lights? yes!