Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day(?)

I guess you can call it a snow day. It's also ice and rain day. In my humble opinion, it just a nasty day.

I can call it a day without school.

What a cruel joke of the weather. Four inches of white snow. Then some ice is thrown down on top of that. Then it rains, and rains, and rains. Its really no longer snow. It's now vast amounts of cold oatmeal. Nasty.

My first plan for the day was to write up some summaries of my work and have them shipped off with original artwork to one of those Somerset magazines. Once school was cancelled, it turned into "let's make sausage balls" day. My daughter was thrilled. I put the ingredients into the bowl, stuck my hands in and she decided it was not a day for sausage ball making after all. She flips open the laptop and asks she she can download some songs on iTunes. I say no. She asks if I can set up a movie. I say later. She then wants to go play in the snow (and rain). She has to wait for me to finish the mixing. The dog is waiting, too. He thinks that raw sausage would be a good thing. The Pepto Bismol from his last dietary indiscretion is still on the kitchen counter. But he's hopeful. It wouldn't bother him to spatter the rugs and walls (again) with liquid brown s**t before the in-laws come for Christmas. It would bother ME.

Now daughter is out in snow and rain with her friends building a snowman. Happy as a cold, little clam. I find it irritating to be both cold and wet.

The next plan is to do more Christmas decorating. I have to do a search in my fabric remnant piles for tree skirts. I don't actually own official tree skirts. I just use large fabric remnants that I find dirt cheap. I don't see the need to purchase a lovely felted Martha Stewart-approved tree skirt from an exclusive catalog for $250 when a $4.00 remnant suits both the cat and I just fine. To the cat, they are not tree skirts. They are just comfortable spots to rest that have invisible words on them that read "eject unwanted hair here."

Well, time to roll up some more sausage balls and pop them in the oven. And eat them.

Happy snow day.


Chris said...

You're funny. It's only rain here. Lots of it.

lori vliegen said...

making sausage balls sounds like a great way to spend a snow day (and yes, by all means, keep the dog away....)! :))

aimee said...

oh, the joys of winter! we got the snow, but not the snow day, and that suited me just fine because i had a sick one at home for two days. another one and i would have gone bonkers! hopefully you'll be back up and running tomorrow so you can get your work finished and mailed off! good luck! xo