Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hope and Possibility

Benefits of Sunshine I, II and III, each 10 x 10"

I have a short show coming up in a couple of weeks!

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts runs July 8-12. While I am not a participating artist (yet), I will be showing my work at Happy Valley Optical on Allen Street in State College. What? Purchase eyewear and art at the same establishment? Sure! Why not! The store is on the festival route & a few of my items will be shown in the window. So, my work will spend a few days in front of potential customers.

It will probably be a couple of weeks before I put any new items on Etsy. I'm saving my new smaller pieces for this show. What does not sell will appear on Etsy soon after. But hey, perhaps everything will sell.

There's always hope.

I will spend the next few days printing up new business cards and trying to find ways to hang my work from the ceiling with fishing wire. The hubby has constructed a stand to place in the display window. We'll cover it with black fabric and lay out some pieces on that. I will also have the use of a large table in the store. This is where I will display some of the teeny bird pieces on little easels. Which I must go out now and buy.

If all goes well (and possibly if not), I will have a "full" exhibit at the store this fall. I am looking forward to this possibility.


Rita Vindedzis said...

These new pieces are very nice, and I love the title. Great news about your up coming show. Galleries are nice but alternative spaces to hang art are fun. So many more people will see your work.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like all three...bold colors! A very alive feeling. Best of luck on this show!

paula said...

i like that top one the most...they all look great together, best of everything for this exhibition!!!!

Francesca said...

These are great Kim, I love the colour and pattern combinations! Best of luck with your show :)