Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Into Etsy

Echo, 6 x 5.5", now on Etsy

This is day #2 that I have not been in the studio.  This is very hard for me.  I rarely get to go there on the weekend, but to do this during the week . . .

But I need to spend some time exploring Etsy, marketing options, blogs of all sorts, and perhaps do some business related reading.  I feel like I'm goofing off by not actually creating something.  But I've got to realize that I'm creating my artist self.  Creation is only part of the whole scheme.

I do feel it is time to give my work and energy over to Etsy.  Ebay has not done well for me in the past 8-10 months.  I'm confusing myself by having work in different areas and I feel I can market better if all artwork is shown in one of these two places.  I'm sure there are more venues to explore, but, aside from my website, Etsy is where you will be able to find my art online.

There may be some opportunities to show my work locally this summer and fall.  I may also submit some work to fiber/paper art magazines. 

If anybody has any Etsy advice, or ANY art marketing advice for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what is on Ebay this week. 

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paula said...

#1 just ask. ask anyone. etsy forums are the best and etsy has blogs and so much, people are usually always helpful and eager. i'm still learning too...if you could find an etsy team you like in your neck of the woods go for it.
good for you..i felt the same way about not working on art but now i find i'm starting to work MORE while i'm doing this because i'm more enervated and running to and fro computer doing things, taking new photos of my work too and updating lots of things on various web places. lately from 6am -10pm all i do is art related and it feels GOOD!