Monday, June 15, 2009

Of The Sun and Moon

Of the Sun, 6.5 x 4.5"
And Moon, 6.5 x 4.5"

I had a fantastic time creating these two pieces.  There is also a new one ready to photograph.  And these are named!  I still have four other, larger pieces that are completed but are waiting for names.  But with my antique book full of words, these pieces just seemed to name themselves.

This beautiful, old book entitled The Growing World, is a treasure trove of words.  The book just fell open to an article about eclipses of the sun and moon.  So.  Quickly named.   I'm sure some book lover would reel at the though of tearing up an intact book from 1889, but too late.  And I'm having too much fun to stop now.

I'm also overcoming certain fears by working small.  If I want to paint something AFTER the quilt is finished, I feel freer doing it.  I'm not ruining a piece worth several hundred dollars.   And there are some mistakes on these.  But they've been covered up.  Wheeeee.

The next two pieces are green, gold, and brown.  If anyone is interested in a special color combination, please let me know.  I'll even do pink!!!  Really.


Jean Baardsen said...

Doing pink sounds a little extreme... These pieces are great! I'm content with doing small pieces now, compared to the large ones I used to do.

paula said...

i love the title...those words...and the new small art :) really! isn't it fun kind of? i think it later helps with larger works to get in there with something small for awhile. my clocks are like that. i'm wondering (marketing wise) are you offering them together or separate and less if people buy both? (ijust woke up and too lazy to go look) i know on etsy its status quo to have a 2 for price.
i had to look. you might want to consider in the descrip. mentioning a 2 for 1 price. also, in your tags...(hope you dont mind) i would put the word book or book page. people will have a better chance of coming across it.

Megan Coyle said...

Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like these two pieces you've done--the patterns are so interesting and colorful and overall the composition is well thought-through. I'm looking forward to returning to your blog to see more of your work.

Shelley Hopkins said...

I also love the colors and the patterns! The bird gives me a contempary folk art feel!Love It!!