Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birds, Eating, Praying (?), Loving and Summer "Vacation"


First, here are a few new little birds.  There will be better photos in a day or so.  I'm finishing up another one, so there will be a total of six.   I love making these!  I hope the ideas will keep popping up.  I'm having such fun cutting words and phrases out of old books.  

Eat, Pray, Love

I hope I do not get sued for using those three words.

I am almost through the first section of Elizabeth Gilbert’s travels in Eat, Pray Love.  I am in love with Italy.  India and Indonesia are coming up, but I’m guessing I will not feel the same about those countries as I do about Italy.  We shall see.

So far, the book is going well for me.  I was completely expecting a self-righteous, nose-in-air, feet firmly on ground author.  You know the kind.  Someone that makes you feel nasty.  Like grease, dirt, or snot.  No, this book is written by a human.  Flaws and all.  I can relate to that.

The writing is strong.  There is no poetry here.  No flowery passages.   Nothing heart-felt, but gut-felt.  This is not a book about getting cute haircuts, coordinating handbags with Manolos, or the agony of a broken nail.  Real life happens here.  There is, however, a mention of a latte.  I guess a trendy coffee is ok now and then.

Have I been affected by this book?  Is that why people read books?  We’ll see what happens with the wrap-up.  I’m hoping to be somewhat of a different person.  I’m hoping for a little bit of an education.  At least in what NOT to do with my life.  Right now, the greatest change I want to make is to trade my Rosetta Stone French language set for a Rosetta Stone Italian language set.  I really want to curse in Italian.  My idea of fun is apparently a bit limited.  I’m hoping for some expansion in my life from this book.

Summer "Vacation"

Today is my daughter's last day of school.  I am now on vacation.  I was hoping to finish 6 little bird pieces by noon today -- I only have a couple of stitches left.  Today is cold and rainy.  NOT what I expected for the beginning of summer vacation.  Perhaps things will look up when summer is officially here.

Tomorrow, we wait for the exterminator.  Then we go to the bookstore to pick up some summer workbooks for my daughter.  She is already missing school.  She will be totally depressed by tomorrow.  What a better cure than to do some math problems.

Friday, we will go downtown and have lunch together.  Then we will go to the toy store and fondle the merchandise.  Perhaps we will put on raingear and sing and dance in puddles.  Aint much else to do.  Go to the pool?  Ha!  Not when it's 60 degrees.

Next week. summer camps start.  Something different almost every week.  Each Monday, I get to wake up in a panic and figure out when and where my kid is supposed to go.  I'll have to pack lunches and snacks, smear on sunscreen, spray on bug spray, get out the map and locate the camp.  Each afternoon I'll head out in the car and wonder where the hell my kid is and attempt to point my car in the right direction.  I miss the school bus already.

Now, I'm off to eat chocolate and be slothful.


Jean Baardsen said...

A bird is a prayer with wings. :o)

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I enjoyed reading your last few posts. Good luck with summer activities. I just got to Indonesia in Eat Pray Love. I don't have much time to read, (or I can't create art!) but this book keeps me going. And so far, Italy has been my fav, too. Someone said page 209 was the best, and there is something great on that page. Enjoy!