Monday, June 22, 2009

Birds, Book, Calvin Klein is Still a Prick


These are my two newest birds, available on Etsy. They are both 6.5 x 4.5" and are $26.00. There are at least two more to come this week. My Etsy shop will be well stocked soon, as I will be adding a new house quilt (as soon as I can name it), three 10 x 10" pieces, and pieces from my Ebay store which I am closing down.

I spent an hour or so this past Saturday at our local antiques mall looking for more vintage books. No luck. I did find a seller on Etsy just a few minutes ago. It's difficult to buy a vintage book without actually seeing it, smelling it, and feeling the pages. But I have no choice. So new inspiration for these little quilts will be coming in the mail soon.


As I was suspecting, the next chapter in Eat, Pray, Love has left me unsatisified. Unlike the completely enjoyable Italy chapter, this one leaves me feeling inadequate. I am not as enlightened as our dear writer. I have not come close to meeting God. Or course, I haven't been trying. Apparently, it takes vast amounts of work. You must leave your life behind, head to India, and live in an Ashram for months at a time. I have a feeling that there's a load of people in this world that aren't gonna be finding God anytime soon.

Mediation is the word of the day here. For hours. I did not feel sorry for our dear author when her mantra was not working for her. She selected a new one. Seemed to work. I do have a feeling that I'm probably not the only person who felt somewhat repelled by this chapter. Sure, meditate away if that is what does it for you. But I have a feeling the majority of this world's residents just don't have that kind of time, nor the money to run away to find themselves. Their mantras probably relate to the economy. . . pay the bills pay the bills pay the bills.

Should I assume this is the only way. It is one way. It is also a way for someone to earn some money. Would a drumming circle give the same effect? What about just loving and hugging each other? Is it necessary to sit outside and be bitten by mosquitoes for two hours, just for the sake of doing it and getting through it?

Still, this section is not a complete loss for me. On page 178, there is a discussion on selecting your thoughts. Eliminating the bad. Ms. Gilbert mindfully repeats the thought, "I will not harbor unhealthy thoughts anymore." This is something positive to take away.

And speaking of unhealthy thoughts . . .

Calvin Klein is Still a Prick

I've done some Googling this morning and have yet to read about that sign being removed. I have yet to read an apology from Mr. Klein. Therefore, Calvin Klein is still a prick. Men of less "importance" (I say that with a snarl), have been listed on the National Sex Offender Registry. Mr. Klein does not show up on this registry. Yet. I hope that blasted sign is down by October when I go with my family to New York City. Wouldn't it be ridiculous for me to be arrested to attempting to destroy the sign?


paula said...

I cannot tell you the JOY I feel looking on my own blog side bar and seeing 'calvin klein is still a prick.' It just lights up my face, its such a fantastic bundle of words.

is it me or has anyone else noticed that kim is writing like champ lately? SERIOUSLY you are brilliant, funny, cocky, amusing, intelligent...its quite a read lately.

i'm reminded that i saw that author on oprah when she first came out with the book. i shut the tv off soon thereafter...i agree with you, sure if we all came into money and could travel and do whatever the hell we wanted who wouldn't find enlightenment. okay, some people would buy calvin klein underware and take drugs and have orgies...but you know what i mean.

angela recada said...

Hi! I found your blog through Paula's and couldn't agree with you more about Calvin Klein and his brand of advertising.

Like Paula, I also saw the author on Oprah and was turned off by her when she started talking about her poor-little-me privileged life. Who wouldn't feel better after eating and relaxing your way through a year of traveling to some of the most beautiful places on earth? Must be nice to have all that money to be able to do it. That alone would cheer me up.

I really like your art, too.
I'll be back.

Ellen said...

I really HAVE to make sure I make the comments right after I read these posts, because I forgot the aha moment of what I wanted to say. Ah well.

I haven't had any interest in reading the book, it seems so self indulgent. On a completely pragmatic side I'm fascinated by the studies of how serious mediation changes the wiring in your brain. I'm pretty sure we're born more prone to optimism or pessimism, and it seems our happiness centers in our brain are found in the front left lobe. The research stuck with me because years ago, just before my mother died she was transformed from a fairly negative, depressive person into an extremely happy one. Turned out she had brain tumours in the same area. So I guess, although I agree with the escapist aspect of mediating hour upon hour, serious mediation does scientifically make you happier, that or grow a tumour. Sorry for the black humour but it was weirdly a nice gift for the ending of her life.

suburbangypsy said...

kudos for bringing up the whole "Calvin Klein is a prick issue!!" As a mom of two sons and a daughter, i am appalled at the ads by so many fashion companies!! our dear mr. klein isn't even being original...he's just copying abercrombie's tired old come ons(to kids for their money). what is the world coming to when companies are willing to sell an entire generation of children a bald-faced lie to sell a $@&^& pair of jeans!! I don't wish bad things for many...but i hope the man chokes on his bottom line!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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