Monday, June 8, 2009

Eating, Praying(?), Loving and Thanking

I am not in the studio today.  Last Friday I finished up four new pieces which have yet to be named and photographed.  As usual, the naming is difficult.

I spent this morning cruising blogs, cursing the computer, staring at the ceiling, and email whining to my oldest  (not age-wise, of course) blogging friend Paula.  Paula and I have done lots of bitching and complaining through emails.  I do appreciate her putting up with me.  We have been able to complain together about sales and dozens of other things I do not want to reveal here.  Like me, Paula is a self-taught artist.  Unlike me, Paula is a self-taught marketer.  When I tend to put my head down and whimper, Paula is resourceful and full of grit (that is a good thing).  She has put in a lot of time and effort to get me going.  And it takes a lot to get me going.  Paula is my own personal Wise Woman.

I do my best not to whine on my blog, although I know it still comes through at times.  And then, sometimes I rant.  Lately, it seems I have been a little quieter.  I’ve been overwhelmed at marketing myself and underwhelmed with the marketing options.  I have to calm down, gather my work and wits about me and get going.  Soon. 

Anyway, onto eating, praying, and loving. . .

When I read an artist’s blog, I like to learn as much as possible about that person, including what books they are reading.  Well, one very popular book seems to be Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  For some reason, I would always dismiss this book by thinking, “well if everyone is reading it, I don’t want to read it.”  Makes sense, right?  I told myself today, if I found one more reference to it, I would buy it.  I found one more.

I had to go to Target again this morning.  I had a request from my daughter for kids’ gardening gloves and Magic Markers that were not all dried out.  How could I not comply with a request like that?  So there in a display at the end of the aisle was that darn book.  I bought it.  And now I’ve got to read it.

I’m usually the one who poopoos what everyone else is doing.  I usually don’t care.  Sometimes I even roll my eyes.  Those who recommend this book seem to be nice, sweet, loving, “Zen”, wholesome women.  If I hang out with anyone, it is usually the surly, sarcastic, cussin’ crowd.  But I do look over enviously at those sweet, loving, wholesome women who seem to be having a good time together.

We’ll see how well this book sets with me.  I’m probably not going into it with the best of attitudes.  Although I do love eating.  Can’t cook worth a darn, though.  As far as praying, I don’t look up to a higher power who is capable of guiding us.  I do believe in this power in each of us, just not outside of us. And love, well love is good.   I could live without eating anything but raisins, but I couldn’t live without love.

So, wish me luck on this adventure.  See if I’m a changed person at the end.  If I don’t mention this book again, well, you’ll know that I’m off reading something dark, scary and sarcastic.

Anyone else read this book that didn’t admit to it already?




paula said...

i think you just melted another layer of my frosty heart. thanks kim for your words. few blogs do i read such as yours where i shake my head up and down and know exactly what you mean. considering i'm not married and no kids, not a textile artist...i'd say thats amazing i have such a connection to you.
i'm glad we found each other :)
hope you enjoy that book, and if you dont i'm sure someone will appreciate it.

Jean Baardsen said...

I enjoyed the book. Probably read it about a year or two ago, when it first came out. Don't remember too much about it, but I think she was pretty confused about things, so you may relate. ;o} Raisins? Do you honestly think life would be worth living without chocolate??

Marty Mason said...

Oh you kindred spirit. I too read Eat Pray Love with dread in my heart. It was just recently loaned to me and I knew the donee would ask me how I liked it. I hate to I read it. And while some of it did have to be skimmed over...for the most part, it held my interest. But it's not one I will want to keep in my "most loved books" library.

Did I lift your spirits....or what??

Oh yes....and as to marketing your work, when you find the secret, will you pass it my way. I share your pain.

Angela Wales Rockett said...

It's a great read! Really.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. From what I've seen of yours, I think I've just found another blog to enjoy. :)

Unknown said...

Yes, all of the Zen women I know have read it and raved, but like you, I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon. Now, of course, this morning, I see a reference to it here and on Lisa Call's blog. YIKES! So, I guess I'd better order it from the library and see what all the hullabaloo is about. I'll be interested to hear what you think as well! Aloha, Dianna

Elizabeth said...

Haven't read it.... probably for reasons similar to yours. After years of trying to be more like I thought I ought to be, I've finally learned to embrace my inner wacko. Books like this just seem designed for people who are more perfect than me (or at least pretending to be). I'd read a book called "Eat, Pray (you don't gain weight), Love (everyone the best you can, even when they're really annoying you're really cranky)!"

Chris said...

Check this out: I live in the same town as the author of this book! There are always signed copies in our local book store. If you haven't read this book around here, you are a complete freak. I'm a freak. Let me know what you think. Lot's of women rave about this book, but I don't know...

jason said...

I haven't read it, but have been tempted to many times....I just like those three words together.

And where do you see these "sweet, loving, wholesome women who seem to be having a good time together"?

I always seem to seeing and envying the "bitchin' cussin'" ones who seem to be having an even better time together :)

Beth HF said...

Hi Kim-You popped in at my blog and it's so nice to meet you! Funny enough I am so much more or the dark,scary,sarcastic type as well. You can't get me to read "self help" books to save my life no pun intended. Eat,Pray,Love, I read before the hoopla and it is a little treasure. There were actually passages in the book about soul mates and lost love that changed the way I thought about love, past and present. Not many books do that to me....or maybe it was the fact that I read it at the beach...hmmm, no really. I had the pleasure of seeing her at Politics and Prose in DC and she is one fantastic lady and a bit overwhelmed by all of the publicity of the book for sure.