Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break - Time to Rust

Not a trip to Cancun! A trip through a portion of America's Rust Belt.

A whirlwind tour of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. I was determined to take photos of rust on my trip. I took one. Here is a photo of a rusty, garbage filled truck outside Cincinnati. After my turn at driving, I thought I would take photos -- I looked at magazines instead. Figured I would take rust photos on the way home. My daughter took lots of photos on our trip and so the battery ran out before I could take any more rust photos.

There were so many rusty things.

So now Spring Break is over. I have no tan to show for it. I guess I could have rubbed a few rusty things over my body. Gotten myself a healthy, rusty glow.


paula said...

are you gonna post any of your daughters pictures? curious what she 'saw'.
your so funny with your whole rust thing. not something i would think you would be looking for.
over already? didn't it just start? back to your attic so soon?

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, that's what I think of when I think of Spring break! Pittsburgh and Cincinnati! Cloudy, old, and grey! Did you have fun in our end of the rust belt? There are some fun things to do here. And there's a big and active fiber-arts guild here.

Kim Hambric said...

I've always been a fan of Pittsburgh. We have visited friends there for the last 20 years. We usually visit the zoo, but it was MY turn to pick this time and we went the the Phipps Conservatory. What a beautiful place! Also, a must-do is the Church brewery.

I need to do some research on fiber arts there. I picked up the city paper to see what they had in the way of art. However, I was overwhelmed by the huge ads for very naughty things.