Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Could this be next? Not that I'm done with the last series yet. But these pieces just jumped out and demanded attention. There was not much else I could do. I gave in. I think this fabric selection was a result of listening to Zydeco music.

As far as the New Orleans series is concerned, I still would like to find an organization to donate a percentage of the sales. After my trip, I will do some research. I would like to make another piece in the series and auction it off on Ebay and donate all the proceeds from that to the chosen organization. If so, I might need some help from other bloggers to get the word out.

I'm off for a while. Off to London and Oxford. I'm going to experience blogging withdrawal. Hopefully, I will return refreshed and renewed. Ha. Ha. Ha. I'll be returning with three suitcases (who am I kidding, 5 suitcases) full of dirty laundry. Yep, guess I'll have to check a couple of bags. Does anybody want to make a bet on when I'll see those bags again?

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paula said...

like the new possibilities...
have a good time kim will miss your blog posts!