Friday, March 27, 2009


I have this thing to go to tonight. I have to go out as an artist.

I have donated a piece to The Friends School and the fundraiser is this evening. There will be a silent auction of nature related art and other gifts and services. I do hope there is far more art than their are attendees. There is nothing worse than a work of art, sitting there with no bids, finally being taken away by the ringleader of the fundraiser to give away as a gift. Paid for, of course, but still.

I donated a piece last year to a nature conservancy group. I did not attend the event. Perhaps if I had, I could have generated some interest in the piece. But, yes, the organizer did purchase my piece as a gift. It wasn't fought over. There was no bidding war. Probably a good thing that I did not go.

So tonight, I will be at this event to promote my art.

For me, that means I will nurse a glass of wine, eat some appetizers (no doubt some green will remain between my front teeth), and I will be holding up a wall somewhere. I will weakly answer those usual questions:

"How long did that take to make?"

"What do you do with it?"

Then there will be the usual statements:

"My grandmother was a quilter."

"I need another glass of wine."

Arrrrgh. I hate these things.

Please wish me the best. Send courage.


paula said...

okay, i'm going to yell
THIS IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO PUSH YOUR BIZ CARD INTO SOMEONE'S HAND AND BLABBER on ABOUT YOUR NEW ORLEANS SERIES. (hell print something out and give them that if you have it and it talks about your work, i love what you have done on your website showing how you paint and the tools you use...get that circulating) GET THE WORD ABOUT ETSY, EBAY, ABOUT YOU OUT THERE.
and gulp a glass if you have to.

....and...don't forget fundraisers are usually only about them having stuff for people to make money and it does NOT reflect ANYTHING ABOUT YOU OR YOUR ART. do not get in the dumps about this, keep in mind you do these things if you truly want to help out a cause and if someone loves your art and you then that is a big fat universal bonus.
have fun chickee.
and kudos to you for donating...its more than i would do i'm done with auctions. you are more giving than i am!
dont you dare have that scripted conversation. i will scream!

Unknown said...

Ach, Kim. I know how you feel. I LOVE what I do and am proud of my work, but I get all tongue tied at these things. I am trying to work on my mingling skills because I frequently have work in a local gallery and go to such things. You have my positive thoughts! GO GIRL!

Patty Ashworth said...

I agree about handing out the business card and making contacts for future business. You also need to think up some funny answers to the questions and have a good laugh. How long does it take? All my life! How many yards does it take? 72! Then you know you have enough fabric. Wear your favorite quilted outfit and a great hat! And stand right in the middle of everyone! Quilters are hidden people anyways, so get out there for all of us!!!