Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Reruns

At this point, I don't have too much new to say artwise.

It is SPRING BREAK WOOOHOOO and I have not been in my studio much this week. Tomorrow I am going on vacation to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Nothing like visiting some rust belt cities on Spring Break. I'd better take my bathing suit and sunscreen.

Can you tell I'm not much of a fan of SPRING BREAK WOOHOO? Well, it does have its advantages. Since the students have left town I can now makes left hand turns if necessary.

Since there is not much new this week, I thought I would show some "old stuff". This is O'Keefe Country. On sale in my Ebay store. Have a visit. Nothing like doing some window shopping during the economic crisis.

For all of you out there who are on SPRING BREAK WOOHOO, have a great time and be safe.

Time to back my bags with some semi-lumpy sweaters.


paula said...

i can't be sure, but i THINK you are more sarcastic than i am.
have a good spring break, sounds challenging.

jason said...

Pittsburg is the new Cancun, or so I've heard.

Have fun!