Friday, March 6, 2009

Another One

I seem to be on a roll. This one is "New Orleans: Languishing Muses." It is 24"x 24". Soon to appear on my Website and Ebay. My hubby and I are reworking my pricing and tons of updates need to be made, so in a few days, these will start appearing, ready for sale.

I almost finished the last one yesterday. Not the last of the series, but the last of the ones I had already started. But, I have been forced into a vacation. It is Spring Break! Woohoo.

So another forced vacation. I really don't like those. But schools are closed, and what can I do. Set up playdates! Unfortunately I owe the other parents around here so playdates are at my house for the duration of spring break. I guess this will allow me to do all sorts of computer "work" instead of going into the studio.

Or perhaps I could join up with those college students. We could go drink ourselves senseless, or perhaps go even further than that. At least our closest neighbors will be gone for the next week. We have a fine group living next to us this year. I don't know how a teeny tiny ranch house could be the home to 7 or 8 cars. I'm anxious for them to take their drinking and puking somewhere else for a few days.

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paula said...

very it kim. it will be a great addition to your etsy when you get everything up and priced. hope the right person finds it and nabs it up!