Monday, March 2, 2009

At Last

Finally, absolutely completed. And so much time wasted trying to come up with a name. And then to have it not be profound. But anyway. . . this is

New Orleans: Regaining Ground I. It is 16 x 16" and is up for auction on Ebay this week.

I hope you can see the stitching in the detail view of houses, doors, and windows. I think I have given an explanation of the components of these pieces in an earlier post, so I'm not sure I'll bore anybody with it now. I would be more interested in hearing your own interpretations.

Over the month of March, there will be changes in my prices on the website, Ebay, and Etsy. Since I do not have a magic wand, I cannot update every price at once, so if there is something you have been considering purchasing, now might be a good time.

Yes, I hate to raise prices during this time of great economic prosperity. I know we all have loads of mad money to throw around. After I recently "completed" one of my larger pieces, I asked myself what I thought it was worth. Then I went to my inventory list to see what the price would be for a piece the same size. I was shocked. Very few people, in this country at least, work for such a low wage. So a change is going to come.

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paula said...

the name works for me kim. i'm almost wondering if you shouldnt try to contact a gallery out there and see if they are interested....