Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I AM Doing!

I decided to follow my guidelines for 2009 listed in a previous post. If anyone needs reminding, my goals for 2009 are:

1. Keep going
2. Buy supplies.

Yesterday, after posting, I approached the studio with great trepidation. I often pace in front of the door, looking for other things to do. I remember a blog I wanted to have a look at and/or a load of laundry I need to get started. Finally, I climb the stairs and look at my work table. I applied rule number one and keep going -- carving new stamps and moving fabric around. When I didn't want to keep going, I went to Michael's and purchased a couple of paint pens and a new carving block. So, I have completed my two goals for the year. I just have to keep doing them again and again and again and again and again.

As you can see, my New Orleans ideas are pouring out. So far, I seem to be using a lot of house imagery and swirly shapes. I had drawn up a layout for a square piece, 24 x 24". Not sure if this is the right shape for the piece, but I just went on and did it.

Today, I cut shapes, stamped, painted, and moved more fabric around. Something is taking shape.

For some reason, I seem to think that each day is going to be easier and easier. I'm always surprised when it is so often difficult to get started. I should make the assumption that it is never going to be easy. It must be a bit like giving birth (just a bit ladies, I don't mean to say that giving birth is easy or should be compared to making art), when a piece is completed, you forget about how difficult it was to complete and you want to start another one.

I look at the fiber art of loads of other artists and am often taken in by calm, ethereal pieces. Often, I think that is the way I want to go, but somehow, I always end up creating pieces that look like this. Guess I just live with it and enjoy it, huh?

My "research" is revealing many interesting New Orleans blogs and bloggers. Perhaps I should compile my favorites and link to them on my sidebar. Anybody interested?

How about New Orleans in Legos?

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paula said...

makes sense you compare making new art to the birthing process (last post you mentioned something about 9 months)
i like that black and white squiggly pattern i see sprinkled around...all of it looks very energetic and like you have had it with keeping it all inside. keep going YES!!!!