Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mars vs. Venus

A conversation today with my hubby:

He: "Ron and Andrea are having a Super Bowl party? Want to go?"

Me: "When is it?"

Now, when we watch television, everything is recorded. We watch no ads. I haven't seen or heard anything about the darn superbowl. I do know that Pittsburgh is in it merely because I live in Pennsylvania. I do not watch football. Nor do I care. The hubby should know this. He's been married to me for almost 20 years. Back to the conversation . . .

He: "Sunday."

Me (thinking, today is Sunday): "When? Which Sunday?"

He: "Superbowl Sunday."

Me: "What is the freakin' date of the Superbowl?" (getting angry now. I just want an answer. A mere date. Why is this so hard?

Finally he spews out the date in a tone of voice which makes him sound like he's talking to a complete idiot. I now have the date. I still don't care.

Are there other testosterone-challenged Americans out there who do not know when the Super Bowl is?????!!!?????


Ellen said...

We had a similar conversation in this house this morning, but both of us were clueless. what day IS it?

paula said...

i have no clue
in fact, i normally dont even know the date each day.