Friday, January 23, 2009

Even More Progress

Another one cut out. I just finished laying this out yesterday afternoon. As soon as the last piece had been inserted, I placed the board on the floor and left the studio. This morning I went up and snapped a photo (after I had spent a while blog surfing), and I will have my first look here, right along with you.

Well, actually, I placed this on the floor out of the way yesterday and spent the last 10 minutes in the studio gathering fabrics for the next piece.

From what I understand from reading the blogs of other fiber artists, the sequence seems to be: lay out a piece, sew together, quilt, and add embellishments. Not me. My sequence seems to be: cut and lay out piece, set piece of foamboard on top, cut and lay out piece, set piece of foamboard on top, cut and layout piece, set piece of foamboard on top. If the pieces are small, I can lay out two pieces before I set a piece of foambard on top. I may do this up to 12 times. Then, usually, I begin to piece the tops together. Sometimes this progresses to quilting and embellishment. Frequently, new ideas crop up and I will begin the process anew without finishing the last set. This seems to be happening now. I still have 9 unfinished Sweet Songs of Birds quilts. But I cannot stop what I am doing now to work on them. I have become COMPLETELY obsessed with this new group of quilts. I'm not going to call it a series. I think I will be doing lots of different sizes and colors. It may not be a very coherent group. It may not be a group at all. But it must be worked on.

I do get a bit obsessed. The Sweet Songs of Birds series required the purchase of many CDs of singing, songwriting, and guitar playing women. A few are still hanging around in the CD player, but some have been replaced with music that reminds me of New Orleans. My blogging lately has centered around New Orleans. My reading is centered around New Orleans. Are these obsessions healthy? Am I a bit schitzophrenic to change my obsessions frequently? I guess it is far better to change my inspirations frequently rather than change husbands or get facelifts.

Do these obsessions and changes of course happen to everyone else? How do you get back on track? Do you get back on track? I need a push to get back to finishing those bird pieces. No one's gonna see them or buy them when they are sitting half finished under a stack of foamboard.


paula said...

you did managed to make me like the green now. i have to say i kind of make an 'o' with my mouth when i saw this post...i wasn't expecting this and i'm digging it. for one, you have let go of round and i like the rectangle...i like those red looking wrench shadow designs here and there...i actually get this piece!

what i dont get say you have to get back to the birds when 'no one will see or buy them' I HAVE to get back to them' when it is obvious from your words that you are in fact obsessed with the N.O. thing.
duh.....of COURSE it is healthy to follow an obsession in this art vein. this is what you (we) are all after isn't it? the obsession to create and flow? enjoy it woman and let it be whatever it be.

Nellie's Needles said...

Listen to Paula ... go with the flow. I've found that the most productive time for anything I do is during that burst of obsessiveness initial enthusiasm. For me right now, it's my birds that have me going. The lake series is niggling and nagging at me in the background ... then there are the quilts yet to be made that have deadlines coming up if I want them to be included in shows. Did you just hear my BIG sigh?

Fibra Artysta said...

I do this often. Work on what inspires you in the moment because there will come a time when you are looking for the contentment of simply sewing together everything and quilting it. So go through the fury of creating whatever moves you, that's something that can't be put off for later.

Kim Hambric said...

Thanks for all of your input. I will put the guilt aside and get on with the new project(s).

jason said...


But what are you reading about NO?