Saturday, January 3, 2009

Smaller and Cheaper

My daughter and I went to our fave (sarcasm here) big box fabric store yesterday to match up some thread. I am anxious to get on with my Sweet Songs of Birds series after school is back in session. My daughter put herself in charge of matching colors. I knew that Coats & Clark had changed their numerical system, so I bought my partially used spools with me. The first choice, I felt, did not quite match. The color of the new spool seemed much duller. I felt the same about the next match. My daughter insisted they both matched.

Well, she was right. The colors were matched as closely as they could possibly be. Unknown to me, until yesterday, was that Coats & Clark had changed their thread completely. The original spools I had brought in were much richer and glossier. Closer inspection revealed that the new thread was 100% polyester. The older spools were 37% cotton. The spools were now smaller, containing less thread.

So, do I call and complain to Coats & Clark that I want the old thread back? I want them to use their old numbers, their old cotton content, and their old yardage. I'm sure that they would change everything back for me, right?

What threads do other fiber artists use? Do I dump this thread in favor of something better? What is better? Help!


Kathy said...

I'm a recent convert to YLI and Superior threads (all varieties), but I also use a great deal of Sulky rayon lately.

Nellie's Needles said...

I'm a fan of Superior threads. Their site is informative, the staff is attentive, and their products are most satisfactory. I especially like their pre-wound bobbins with Bottomline thread. There are always sales going on which I check out through their monthly newsletter.

For YLI threads go to
Sharon B has posted a link for general information about YLI sewing threads.